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Technical Data of The Boxx'r


As the The Boxx'r is independent of the shape of the winebox pakaging, all types of standard 3 litres (or less) Bag-in-Box packaging can be used.


Temperature settings

The Boxx'r has two fixed temperature settings:

white & rosé wine preset: ca. 10°C red wine preset: ca. 16,5°C
Electrical information
  Voltage Power Power consumption
AC 200-240V~ 50/60Hz 42 - 45 Watt < 1 KWh/24h
DC 12V 36 Watt> < 1 KWh/24h
Weight & Sizes
  Packaging: The Boxx'r without legs: The Boxx'r with legs:
Weight 3,2 kg 2,4 kg 2,6 kg
Sizes (W x D x H): 270 x 270 x 400 mm 210 x 220 x 350 mm 210 x 220 x 450 mm
  The Boxx'r product sizes
Cooling conditions

The Boxx'r can cool to max. 18-20°C below ambient temperature and should be used under the following conditions:

Temperature range: +10 to +32°C Humidity: less then 70%