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How To Setup The Boxx’r

A quick guide how to install and use The Boxx'r.

  • Open the box and remove The Boxx'r. Don't forget the legs which you can find in the bottom of the box!

  • You will find the following components in the box: Instruction manual, The Boxx'r base unit & top cover, 3 stand legs with stand connector, 230Volt AC & 12Volt DC power cables.

    The Boxx'r parts
  • The Boxx'r can be used either with or without the stand. The stand makes it easier to dispense wine into tall wineglasses.

    The Boxx'r High & Low
  • Place The Boxx'r upside down so you can access the bottom. We advise you to remove the lid to avoid getting scratches on it.
    Always check that the power switch on the bottom is set to OFF before connecting a power cord.

    Prepare The Boxx'r for the power supply
  • Connecting The Boxx'r with the 230V power cord: place the plug into the rectangular hole, press firmly for a secure connection.
    Always connect the power cable to The Boxx’r first before connecting to the power source.

    Installing the 220Volt power cord to The Boxx'r
  • Connecting The Boxx'r with the 12V power cord: place the plug into the round hole on the bottom of The Boxx'r.
    Only after finishing installing The Boxx'r connect the cord to the power source.

    Installing the 12Volt power cord to The Boxx'r
  • To cool your bag-in-box wine in The Boxx'r you will need to remove the bag-in-box bag out of it's packaging. The easiest way to do this is by opening the bottom of the box.

    Opening the Bag-in-Box packaging to fill The Boxx'r
  • Placing the bag into The Boxx'r: Hold one of the top corners of the bag with one hand whilst holding the tap with the other hand. Guide the tap through the slot in the base unit and make sure the tap is fixed in the tap holder. Do not try to force the bag into the cooling area otherwise it may tear. Once the bag is in place put the lid back on to the base unit.

    Placing the bag in The Boxx'r
  • Fixing the stand to The Boxx'r: always start by fixing the feet one-by-one into the connector. Note that there is only one way to fit the feet into the connector.

    Installing the stand to the base of The Boxx'r
  • After preparing the stand you can connect it to the base part: place the ends of the feet into the holes on the bottom of The Boxx'r. Make sure that all feet are pressed down as far as far as possible to avoid that The Boxx'r will not stand level.

    Attaching the stand to The Boxx'r